Vinyl Sleeve design for artist V 2017

Faux Pas, Barras / 2017
Music : 
Performance, Choreography, Styling & Direction : Stasis
Photography & Co-direction : Daniel Cook
Producer : Richard Phillips-Kerr & Nautilus Rising
Graphic Design : Scott McClure

* Watch it here :

Shot in Glasgow’s Barrowlands area. Stasis: "The video reacts against tired tropes of overly polished and produced images of young women generated for the visual pleasure of a largely male audience. It invokes collective identity formation and empowerment, openly showing how the female form can and will take up space, reclaim streets at night and above all, have fun for the sake of having fun without regard for onlookers." 


Behind The Scenes, Faux Pas. 2017

Video Still, Faux Pas. 2017